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Reconditioned Stairlifts? Secondhand Stairlifts?

Available from O’Connor Carroll. Dublin’s largest stairlift provider.

A reconditioned stairlift is a secondhand stairlift that go through a number of checks as well as part replacements in our workshop before reinstallation. A full set of tests and checks are carried out to manufactureres guidance. A new set of batteries are installed. A full stairlift service is carried out. 

Should I buy a Secondhand Stairlift?

Clearly it’s all about price. A considerable saving can be made by opting for a reconditioned stairlift. More than a thousand euro for a curved lift. Hundreds of euro can be saved on a straight lift.

Used Stairlift? Factors to Consider.

  • Availability. They can be in great demand. They are generally sold very quickly.
  • Therefore they can be hard to come by.
  • O’Connor Carroll only take back stairlifts that we have installed new. Therefore history of the lift is assured. The stairlift will be of better quality. The lift is likely to have a better service history.
  • Some companies buy job lots from the UK. Reconditioned stairlifts are their main business. In this case the stairlifts can be very old. So buyer beware!
  • Secondhand stairlifts come with a 3 month warranty. So you won’t have a full warranty as in the purchase of a new lift.
  • Increased risk of breakdown.
  • You must weigh up the risk. If the lift breaks down. Can you afford to be without it.
  • If you require a long lifespan for your stairlift you should consider a new lift.
  • Higher cost over the full life of the machine.

New Stairlifts

  • Cost is always a factor.
  • Peace of mind.
  • 2 years full warranty, parts and service.
  • Statistically you will get better performance and overall reduced cost over the full life of the machine.

Internet Purchase Risks

I thought I’d mention this as I’ve heard some funny stories over the years.

  • Often people buy these lifts that are lying in a garage. The vendor assures them the lift works perfectly. The buyer never manages to get it going.
  •  The stairlift is wronghanded. Therefore useless
  • The rail is too short.
  • I’ve even seen a rail that was too long that was never adjusted so the user had to climb off the lift at the top of the stairs.
  • More often than not the buyer can’t manage to get the lift going.


Some Key Information!

  • If you seek any information about reconditioned stairlifts  please don’t hesitate to [Contact Us].
  • We are glad to be of any help and give any information you need.
  • If you wish we can send a representative out who will give expert advice.
  • You will also receive a full written quotation.
  • Quotations are free of course with no pressure or hard selling.
  • O’Connor Carroll are one of the largest installers of stairlifts in Dublin with showrooms in Ballymount and Glasnevin.

I’ve tried to give some useful information which will help you weigh up your decision on whether to opt for a secondhand stairlift or a new stairlift.

Whatever you decide to do I hope that this post has been somewhat useful.

Below we have some useful links if you do consider purchasing a stairlift on the internet.

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