Curved Stairlift Key Features

Curved stairlifts Prices Available upon request

  • Platinum Curved stairlifts or Thyssenkrupp Flow2 curved stairlifts provide a complete array of options to suit every installation.

  • Approx. 4 week lead time
  • For staircases with turns or bends
  • Bespoke rail. Rail manufactured for staircase.
  • Option of single or 2 rail machines
  • Various seat and rail colours available.
  • Powered with long life rechargeable batteries.
  • Recharges when not in use.
  • 2 remote controls.
  • Safety sensors.
  • Adheres to the latest stringent international safety standards.

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O’Connor Carroll, install curved stairlifts from 2 manufacturers, Thyssenkrupp and Platinum

Thyssenkrupp Flow X Curved Stairlifts

Designed for seamless movement, the Flow X curved stairlift provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship. You receive a sleek, contemporary lift with options tailored to you, with all mechanical elements elegantly kept out of sight.

Unique ASL technology enables the Flow X curved stairlift to rotate and stay perfectly level while in motion, which in turn will fit in the tightest of staircases and provide solutions where other lifts will simply not fit.

The footrest swivels with the seat ensuring your legs and feet remain in a natural and comfortable position, relieving any additional strain on your joints. The Flow X redefines premium comfort, coupled with stringent safety measures. Thickly padded seat and ergonomic controls makes the journey comfortable and stress free. This curved stairlift is O’Connor Carroll’s premium stairlift and biggest seller all year round.

Platinum Curved Stairlifts

The Platinum Curved stairlifts standard has a weight limit up to 120kgs (19st.) The heavy duty Platinum has a limit up to 160kg (25st.).

This lift uses a 2 rail system. It’s simple and extremely robust design make it very dependable.

The Platinum comes in a manual or power swivel version.

“Adjustable seat Back”. Effectively the backrest has adjustment to bring the seat backwards. This gives more comfort and space for a tight stairs.

The costs of curved lift vary depending on the following factors such as manual or powered swivel, length of rail, number and type of bends. Cost will also depend on the make and model of the machine.

See the Platinum Curved stairlift demonstration video

See the Thyssenkrupp Flow 2 Curved stairlift demonstration video