How much does a stairlift cost?

Ireland Stairlift Prices. How Much does a Stairlift Cost?

Stairlift cost,  In this post I try to answer as many questions as possible concerning stairlift cost. Purchase costs. Running costs. New stairlifts. Reconditioned stairlifts. Straight lifts. Curved lifts.

Straight Stairlift Cost

Straight stairlifts start at €1700 ex.vat. This is for a manual swivel seat. This includes installation of the lift. The stairlift is under warranty for 2 years parts and service. If anything happens your stairlift an engineer will come to your home and repair the lift at no additional cost.

  • Quoted ex.vat Vat is not included in above price as it is reclaimable from revenue. This is normally within a few weeks of installation. Vat reclaim details are given below.
  • Additional Features The stairlift price will increase if the stairlift is equipped with additional features. Some have powered swivel seats, others have hinged tracks. Do you require a linked footrest? If the stairs are very long, additional track may be required. The final cost will therefore reflect the additional features you require. Each client requires an assessment at time of survey. From there an exact quotation can be given.
  • Ancillary Works The stairlift is going to require a power point. The stairlift also requires sufficient space to park in the hall. A radiator may need to be removed or moved. The stairs may need to be modified to allow for the stairlift. These would be an additional cost to your basic stairlift price.
  • Stock Also note that straight stairlifts are stock items. O’Connor Carroll keep a large stock and can therefore react very quickly. Installation is normally within a few days and only depends on scheduling.


Curved Stairlift Cost

  • Generally from €5000 to €6000 ex vat.
  • We can’t give an over the phone price as for the straight stairlifts.
  • Curved stairlifts need to be surveyed.
  • Price depends on length of track, number of bends, type of bends etc.
  • Stairlift price also depends on the stairlift features as above; powered swivel vs manual swivel.
  • Curved stairlifts vary considerably in price depending on the brand. There are cheaper machines and more expensive machines.
  • Curved stairlifts are made to measure. The tracks are manufactured for each individual staircase. They are bespoke items.
  • The track will be no good for any other household.
  • They generally require a 4 week lead time.
  • Our experts can visit you home and advise you on all the options available

Reconditioned Stairlift Cost

  • Clients can also avail of reconditioned stairlifts from O’Connor Carroll. 
  • Price ; a straight stairlift reconditioned starts at €1200.
  • Curved Price; A  reconditioned curved stairlift usually costs approx. €1000 less than a new curved stairlift.
  • Remember that the track for the reconditioned curved stair lift will still have to be tailor made for the staircase
  • All our reconditioned lifts come with one year parts and labour warranty

Extended Warranties

  • Extended warranties are relevant for people or businesses who really do rely on their stairlifts.
  • Prices start from as little as €285.00 per year, with greater discounts for longer plans.
  • The stairlift can be extended up to 3 or even 4 years.

Service Contracts

  • Again for people or businesses who really do rely on their stairlifts.
  • The service contract covers one annual scheduled service visit
  • In case of breakdown these clients get priority attention 365 days a year
  • Limited parts and labour guarantee are included
  • Contact us for more details 

Stairlift Vat

  • All Vat paid on your stairlift is refundable. 
  • The Government does not wish to prevent people from purchasing stairlifts.
  • The refund process takes approx. 2-3 weeks after you receive your stairlift invoice.
  • Click here [Vat Form 61A] to get  a copy of your vat form.
  • O’Connor Carroll can also help you with this form if you have difficulty.

Stairlift Cost 

  • Stairlift running costs are very low.
  • Customers get concerned that the stairlift is continually left on charge.
  • Inevitably feeling they will result in large increase in bills.
  • Once the stairlift is fully charged the charger reverts to a trickle charge.
  • Thyssenkrupp tells me that the trickle charge uses no more electricity than boiling a kettle of water per day.

Why Choose O’Connor Carroll for Stairlifts?

O’Connor Carroll 

  • are very competitively priced for stairlifts.
  • have significant experience and expertise in this sector.
  • install the most reliable and market leading brands on the market.
  • are competitive without compromising on quality.
  • have a strong commitment to reliability and service.
  • can boast proper stairlift demonstration centres in our Northside and Southside Dublin Showrooms.
  • hold a large stock of stairlifts in our Ballymount facility, which allows us to react rapidly to our customers requirements.
  • continually invest in our business.
  • is the number one choice for stairlifts in Dublin

Some Key Information!

  • If you seek any information about stairlift costs  please don’t hesitate to [Contact Us].
  • We are glad to be of any help and give any information you need.
  • If you wish we can send a representative out who will give expert advice.
  • You will also receive a full written quotation.
  • Quotations are free of course with no pressure  or hard selling.
  • O’Connor Carroll are one of the largest installers of stairlifts in Dublin with showrooms in Ballymount and Glasnevin.

Grants to Help Stairlift Cost

  • Stairlift grants are available from your local authority.
  • People seeking a grant should contact their local authorities.
  • People may not realise they are entitled to a Grant.
  • A stairlift may be a good option especially for a curved lift which is very expensive.
  • Refer to our [Stairlift Grants] page by clicking on the link. Forms can be downloaded. Full information is set out.

A new stairlift is quite literally a life transforming investment as it restores peoples independence and once again allows them full access to their home. Once people have gotten over the shock of accepting that they are going to need the stairlift, invariably they are extremely happy with their investment.

I also believe that stairlifts are incredibly good value for what they actually do! A personal lift in your home for less than €2000 is great value. A lift that will last from 10 to 15 years in my experience.

I hope you found our post useful. Remember don’t hesitate to contact us for full information. O’Connor Carroll are the stairlifts experts.


References   An invaluable asset for information on daily living aids. Gives information on the various grant schemes available to help with a stairlift cost.

I’ve included the links below which bring you directly to the forms that you require for your council

Dublin City Council
South Dublin County Council 
Fingal County Council
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown 
Kildare County Council