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Are you thinking of getting a stair lift in Dublin? O’Connor Carroll are a leading Dublin stair lift installer. We have stairlift showrooms both northside and southside of Dublin. So come along and visit us today! Our showrooms are in Ballymount and Glasnevin. Each showroom has a full stairlift demonstration centre. Our staff are understanding and patient and will happily answer any of your questions.

O’Connor Carroll have a lot of experience and expertise in stair lifts.

All our stair lift engineers are fully trained and certified by leading manufacturers. Our electricians will also certify any related electrical works.

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Stair lift Benefits

We have discussed costs elsewhere. But what are the benefits of a stair lift?

Full Access to your Home

If your mobility is impaired getting a stair lift is a great idea! A stair lift gives full access to your home. Easy to use. No fuss.

People who are of limited mobility often stop enjoying access to their home. They come down the stairs in the morning and go up at night. They avoid using the stairs during the day. They reduce journeys up and down the stairs to a minimum.

A stair lift gives back full access to your home. So you don’t have to avoid going up the stairs. Journeys around the house are a lot easier. Without fear of falling on the stairs.

Avoid Moving to the Groundfloor

A short number of years ago people had to move downstairs if the could no longer climb the stairs. A stair lift avoids putting a bed in the livingroom.

Keeps People in their home

A stair lift allows a person to stay in their home. This makes a huge difference to quality of life. People are most happy in their own home. The prosper and recover from illness quicker. They stay in the environment they are used to.

Keeps family members safe

Owning a stairlift is more than just a lift it’s piece of mind. A large number of trips and falls occur on the stairs. A fall on the stairs can be life changing at the very least. It can be very difficult to recover from. The stairlift takes away that fear. It also blocks the stairs at the top when the user is transferring off the lift. This is very important and gives family members great piece of mind.

Avoids Expensive Home Conversions

A stair lift is great value for money. Consider having you own lift for as little as €1700 ex.vat. The freedom it allows is priceless. But just as importantly, a stair lift avoids costly renovations and extensions on the groundfloor.

Saves Energy

For people with limited lung function or those who are very frail, a stair lift removes the arduous journey of the stairs. I have seen people completely exhausted after descending the stairs. The stairlift will conserv energy. It allows people to put energy into the things that are really important to people.

Little Disturbance

The installation of the stair lift itself is extremely quick. With minimum fuss. The is very little disturbance to the household. Normally we are in and out before the client realises

Customer Reluctance

Nobody wants a stair lift installed! Clients feel they are giving in by purchasing a stair lift. I think the opposite is actually the case. The lift allows people to maintain their lifestyles as they had them previously.

I have found that people are very happy with their purchase. It makes them realise just how much they have been struggling and for so long. It makes their life a lot easier.



A note on terminology

Is it a stairlift or a stair lift a chairlift or chair lift.

To be continued……