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Stairlift. O’Connor Carroll is Dublin’s leading stair lift Installer

We stock a large number of stairlifts in our warehouse in Ballymount.

O’Connor Carroll have showrooms both north-side and south-side of Dublin. Come along and visit our showrooms today for a full stairlift demonstration. We have stairlifts to suit all requirements; straight stairs, curved stairs, narrow stairs, even spiral staircases. Our Platinum power swivel model is rated for 140kg.

O’Connor Carroll are proud partners to global stairlift brands such as Thyssenkrupp, Acorn and Platinum.

Our branches are in Glasnevin and Ballymount

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Stairlift. So What is A Stairlift?

In this post I explain exactly what a stairlift is, along with it’s componant parts.

Stairlifts are known variously as stair liftsstair-liftschair lifts and so on. This type of chair lift should not be confused with the chairlift that is used by skiers. 














stairlift is a mechanical device for lifting people up and down the stairs.

  • A rail is mounted on the stairs.
  • Rail normally comes in 2 no. 2.5m lengths.
  • The rail is cut to suit the stairs.
  • A chair and associated carriage is then attached to the rail.
  • A person sits on the chair and is lifted up or down
  • The carriage travels along the rail by means of a rack and pinion.
  • Features

Modern stair lifts can be found with a wide variety of features. Just a few are listed below.

  • power or manual swivel seat
  • adjustable seat height
  • extra parking points
  • remote controls for call and park
  • linked footrests
  • hinge tracks
  • seatbelts
  • heavy duty options













  • Straight rails for use on domestic staircases are usually made from extruded aluminium
  • Normally come in lengths of 2.5m
  • The rail is cut to suit the length of stairs.
  • Contact points top and bottom recharge the battery by means of a power socket via a transformer
  • These rails may are then attached to the steps with metal brackets
  • In case of obstruction at the bottom of the stairs a hinge rail can be fitted which folds back out of the way when not in use. 

Curved Stairlift Rails

curved stairlift standard rail finish










  • Curved rails generally made from steel.
  • Made to order
  • Factory made for each individual staircase.
  • Available in single rail or double rail depending on the manufacturer.
  • Curved rails come in sections and are assembled on site


  • The carriage holds the seat and footrest and connects to the rail.
  • It contains a drive system which drives along the inclined rail by a [rack and pinion] system
  • Most carriages have a seat with arms and a footrest.
  • The seat height may be adjustable for shorter users.
  • The user sits on the seat facing across the stairs.
  • For very narrow stairs or clients who can’t bend their knee a stand-on platform also known as a “perch” seat is available.
  • At the top of the staircase the seat can be swivelled, through around 45 degrees or 90 degrees, then locked in place to allow the user to alight from it onto a landing.
  • Stairlifts are available with either a manual swivel or a powered swivel, depending on the users requirements.
  • Most swivel seats have a safety switch so the stairlift won’t move unless the seat is locked into its travel position. 

Camera Surveys Curved Stairlifts

  • As discussed above most curved stairlifts are custom made for each staircase.
  • Specifically the rail is made for the specific staircase and the lift is then programmed for that staircase.
  • This requires a very accurate three dimensional drawing of the staircase
  • This 3D drawing is carried out by camera survey
  • A series of markers are placed on the staircase
  • A camera then picks up these markers to produce a 3D drawing
  • This drawing allows a very accurate rail to be made


Types of Stairlift

Straight-rail stairlifts

  • These are the most common type of stairlifts
  • Also best value for money
  • Stairlift from as little as €1700 ex.vat
  • Off the shelf items
  • Rail is cut to suit the stairs
  • Can be installed within a few hours
  • A stock item
  • Install can be scheduled at short notice

Curved-rail stairlifts

  • These are made to follow the shape of an individual staircase
  • Require a camera survey
  • Can take up to 4 weeks to installation from ordering
  • A lot more expensive
  • Can provide solutions for even the most complicated stairs
  • Suitable for very narrow stairs
  • Can work well on spiral staircases

AC and DC power

  • Early stairlifts mostly had alternating current (AC) drive motors which ran at full mains voltage 230 volts in Europe. A power cable ran from the supply point to the carriage
  • Most lifts nowadays operate using rechargable batteries and a DC feed
  • Power to fed to the rail by means of charge points.
  • The stairlift parks at these chargepoints and charges its batteries at the same time
  • A transformer changes the ac current to a 12v DC current
  • A battery operated stairlift will continue to function during a power cut
  • The batteries are incorporated in the carriage


  • Stairlifts are operated using a control on the arm of the lift. This switch enables users even with limited mobility to use the stairlifts easily and safely
  • Remote controls allow the user to call and park the lift. Most stairlifts use either radio frequency or infrared  light 


  • Stairlifts have a number of safety features and controls
  • Safety edges automatically disconnect the power if a leg gets trapped between the lift and the stairs
  • Safety edges ensure that if there is any obstruction on the stairs the stairlift will automatically stop and only travel away from the obstruction
  • All stairlifts have a seatbelt.
  • A key enables the stairlift to be isolated
  • The stairlift will not operate if the seat is in a swivel position
  • Delays are incorporated into the lift. so the lift has a soft start and a soft stop
  • Each stairlift has an overspeed governor preventing the lift from gaining speed on descent 

Standards and codes of practice

North America 

  • ASME A17.1 – 1990, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators
  • ASME A18.1 – 2005 Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts

Produced by American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Britain and Europe

Travel speed

  • Typical travel speeds for straight rail stairlifts range from 0.07 m/s to 0.15m/s

Established in 2005 O’Connor Carroll Bathrooms Tiles Stairlifts  is a family run business. It is now one of the largest installers of stairlifts in Dublin and the surrounding region.

Clients are welcome to come along for a full demonstration. So you can see exactly how our stairlifts operate. More importantly you will find a stairlift that suits exactly your needs. Our staff will assist you in anyway they can and answer your queries. We are here to make the process as easy as possible.

O’Connor Carroll installs hundreds of both straight and curved lifts each year. 

All our stairlifts meet the latest regulations and specifications. We supply and install some of the most reliable stair lifts on the market.

O’Connor Carroll are a well established and trusted name in stairlifts. Clients who purchase a stairlift from O’Connor Carroll are assured of reliable back up and customer service.

Now with an even larger and growing dedicated team of professionals.

As always we have our Ballymount showrooms, offices and warehousing. To facillate our northside clients we have just opened a brand new showrooms in Glasnevin. O’Connor Carroll are confident we have the necessary resources, infrastructure and expertise to give people the peace of mind they deserve.


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