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Stair lifts; Types of Stairlift

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Showrooms at Ballymount and Glasnevin

Come visit our showrooms for a full stairlift demonstration. We have both straight and curved stairlifts in our showroom. A full stairlift demonstration is vital before purchase.

Large Dublin Operation

O’Connor Carroll have made a large investment in Dublin. This allows us to say with confidence that we can fully support our lifts. With teams both north side and south side we are always close to you. We always keep a large stock of lifts ready for installation.

Quick Installation Times

O’Connor Carroll can usually install straight lifts as quickly as next day once deposit is taken. We will always react very promptly to the initial sales call. Our turnaround times are second to none. 

Reliable Service Backup

O’Connor Carroll offer reliable aftercare service. Our customer support is available after hours should you encounter a problem with your stairlift. An engineer is in place every day of the year.

Fully Qualified & Experienced Engineers  

Our engineers and electricians are fully trained certified by our stairlift manufacturers. We are also fully insured and registered with Revenue.


Our new stairlifts come with 2 years warranty as standard. Secondhand stairlifts come with a year warranty.


Types of Stairlift

Manual Swivel Curved Stairlift

What type of stairs have you? Is it of unusual design? O’Connor Carroll have stairlift solutions for most stairs.

Stair lifts are in general divided into lifts for straight stairs and lifts for curved stairs. Straight lifts are off the shelf items. They are standard machines. We simply measure the staircase (nose to x) and cut the rail to suit the length. Being a stock item means we can react very quickly to an order. Since we always have these stairlifts in stock we can install them next day. Depending on the schedule of course!

Curved stairlifts are not as simple. Because the rail or rails are tailor made for each staircase they can’t be installed next day. If a customer decides to proceed we must make a 3D drawing of the staircase. From this drawing the rail is designed to fit exactly the staircase. Once all the necessary checks have been made and we’re happy to proceed the stairlift rail will go into production.

Curved stairlifts normally take approx. 4 weeks from time of customer order to stairlift installation. The lift specification will also match customer requirements. In addition some programming would be required to suit the rail.

So it is immediately clear that a curved lift will be much more expensive that a straight lift. It matters little how simple the curved lift is!




 Differences between straights and curved lifts at a glance

Straight Stair lifts

  • Easily the most popular
  • Very good value for money
  • Suitable for completely straight stairs
  • No bends or turns in the steps
  • Stairs standard width of 800mm
  • Stock item
  • O’Connor Carroll have large number in stock; off the shelf items
  • We can react rapidly to stairlift orders
  • Installation can be next day if required
  • powered swivel seat or manual swivel seat

We have an excellent  range and stock of stairlifts in our Ballymount Warehouse ready for installation. Our range of straight stairlifts include [Acorn],[Platinum] and [Homeglide].

Curved Stair lifts

  • Considerably more expensive than straight stairlifts
  • Stairlift rail must be custom made for each installation
  • Single rail or twin rail options (depends on stairlift brand)
  • Suitable for very narrow stairs
  • Suitable for spiral stairtcases
  • Also suitable for staircases with obstacles or of unusual design

Our range of curved stairlifts include the [Platinum Curve] which is suitable for most staircases. Our flagship model is the [Thssenkrupp Flow2] which is perfect for all cases. Including those where no other stairlift will operate. 



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