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What happens if I wish to use the lift and it’s parked upstairs?

Stair lifts come with remote controls, similar to what you use for the TV, which is useful if another person uses your stair lift and you need to call it back to you. Your remote controls can be mounted at the top and bottom of your stairs ready for use.

What happens if there’s a powercut?

Stair lifts run on battery power which automatically charges up when not is use. If there’s a power cut your stair lift should carry on working for a number of trips before the battery goes flat.

Will my stair lift be expensive to run?

My electricity bills are high enough as it is! Modern stair lifts are very energy-efficient and economical to run. They run on a standard socket and the daily cost of running a stair lift is comparable to using a kettle. The Access BDD HomeGlide stairlift uses less than 0.024 kWh. That’s around 24 watts per hour, which is significantly less than many domestic household appliances. For example a radio uses 35 watts per hour.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes our standard stairlifts have a weight restriction of 125kg to 127kg. We can also supply lifts which will take up to 140kg.

Will it be noisy?

Modern stairlifts are DC powered and run on a low voltage, so they are very quiet. You should be able to use your stair lift at any time of the day or night without disturbing others.

What happens if my stair lift breaks down?

In the event of a breakdown, O’Connor Carroll has a large team of engineers, properly trained and accredited that will get to you quickly and repair the lift. We have reliable back-up service operating 365 days a year. We respond to callouts both during the working day but equally after hours and weekends.

How fast will it go? I’m worried I’ll be frightened to use it.

Stair lifts are designed to have a soft, slow start so there aren’t any sudden bumps. They glide smoothly up or down the stairs at a gentle speed of between 7cm and 15cm a second, equivalent to 0.16 – 0.34 miles per hour. All models have a seat belt for your safety and are completely safe. We provide demonstrations here in the showrooms from Mon to Fri. Even the most fragile of clients quickly adapt to the stairlifts and find them very comfortable to use.

What happens if something is left on the stairs and gets in the way of the stair lift?

Stair lifts have built-in safety sensors that stop upon meeting obstructions on the stairs. A trailing leg can easily get caught between the footrest and the step. The sensors will respond by automatically stopping the stair lift. The obstruction can then be safely removed.

Can I choose what colour my stair lift is?

The Thyssenkrupp Homeglide manual stairlift comes only in cream. For powered swivel lifts O’ConnorCarroll keep an large stock of various lifts in our warehouse in Ballymount to allow rapid stairlift installation. This avoids the need to wait a number of weeks for the stairlifts to come in from the factory. The downside of this is that we don’t stock as large range of seat colours and tend to only to keep the most popular. Other colours can be ordered in. For the Flow2 curved lift each lift needs to be ordered individually and so seat colours and fabrics as well as rail colour is chosen by the client at time of survey.

How easy is it to get on and off?

Stairlifts have swivel seats, which make it easy to turn away from the stairs and to get on or off without having to twist or turn your body. You can use the armrests to push yourself up. The armrests can be raised separately, which is especially useful if you are getting on from a wheelchair. We often have visits from OT’s who can assess the suitability of a stairlift for a client.

How long from order for straight stairlift installation?

A straight stairlift can be installed as soon as next day depending on the schedule. Most stairlifts are kept in stock in our Ballymount warehouse allowing us to respond quickly to urgent requests. We are always sympathetic to people coming home from hospital and requiring a stairlift urgently. Stairlift installation itself takes less than 4 hours.

Will there be lots of mess in our home?

Your stairlift will be constructed and tested in the factory, so it will arrive at your home ready to be fitted. It will be installed by professional fitters with minimal disruption and inconvenience. It will then be tested thoroughly and you will be provided with a comprehensive stairlift demonstration.

How long from order for curved stairlift installation?

Curved stairlifts will take about 4 weeks from time of order to installation. They are manufactured for each particular staircase and so cannot be a stock item. A 3D drawing of the staircase is taken as well as all the customer requirements and this is sent to the factory. The 3D drawing ensures that there are no manufacturing errors.

Are stairlifts connected to the wall or steps?

Many people are worried about their stair lift damaging their walls, but in actual fact all stair lifts are fitted to the steps, not the wall. The stair lift brackets need to be screwed into the steps, so it doesn’t matter at all if your wall is non-supporting or plasterboard, and it won’t damage your carpet either!

Should I change my carpet before or after the stairlift is installed?

If you are intending renewing your carpet it is best to have the job completed before the stairlift is installed. But don’t worry carpets can also be cut around the stairlift brackets.

How Long do batteries last in stairlifts?

Batteries typically last between 2 and 5 years. There is a great deal of variability depending on the nature of use; weight, frequency of use and so on. For example a person 8 stone that uses the stairlift twice a day compared to another who weighs 19 stone and is constantly up and down the stairs. Or a number of users.

How do stairlifts operate?

All stairlifts operate by motor and battery. When each journey is completed the stairlift finishes on a charge point. So the stairlift automatically charges when it is not in use. The track is connected by tranformer and 3 pin plug to a power socket. Operation is by a simple toggle switch pressed in the direction of travel. Very simple to use for people who may have arthritis.

Why is there such a huge cost difference between a straight stairlift and curved stairlift?

Straight stairlifts are simple machines and off the shelf items. Curved stairlifts are manufactured for each individual staircase and contains more complicated componants. Curved stairlifts need to be programmable, vary speed, be self levelling and so on. A 3D stairlift drawing is produced for each staircase and sent off to factory. The rail can then be produced on the basis of this drawing.

Required site conditions for straight stairlift.

  • Clients weight
  • Clients height
  • Clients mobility.
  • Stairs need to be straight with steps running parallel.
  • Stairs need to be wide enough.
  • Space at bottom of stairs to park lift.
  • Stairlift or track doesn’t become a trip hazard at bottom of stairs.
  • Dedicated power socket required for the stairlift
  • No radiator where stairlift needs to park.

What warranty comes with stairlift?

Both Flow2 and Homeglide and indeed any of our lifts come with a 2 year warranty (parts and labour) from O’Connor Carroll. Warranties vary by manufacturer and dealers. But be mindful of the fine print. Many times the “life time” warranty is usually on the motor or the lift frame. These are the parts of a stair lift that are the least likely to fail. It’s all the other moveable parts that usually cause problem over time.

Why not just buy a stairlit from the internet? They are cheaper.

Cheaper does not always mean less expensive. If you buy from the Internet you have to install it yourself, you have no labour warranty and very often get an inferior product. Most of the reputable manufacturers sell through dealers because dealers can support the lift. It’s always best to go to a reputable company with the requisite skills and expertise. O’Connor Carroll have been installing lifts since 2005 so we know quite a bit about stairlifts.

I’ve often seen wrong handed lifts purchased or lifts with rails too short or too long for the stairs. We get calls regularly from clients asking us to install these lifts.

Is my staircase wide enough to fit a stairlift?

Normally standard staircase is approx. 80cm wide or thereabouts. For a normal size person of average build or slightly less this is perfect. Normally the size of the person is the biggest governing factor of whether the stairlift is suitable.

If the client is quite small a narrow staircase may be fine (750mm). So to answer the question – it might be possible to install a stairlift on a small narrow stairway but it is critical that we do the home evaluation to determine the safety of the installation for the person using the stairlift.

How much does the stair lift stick out from the wall?

It depends on the stair lift, but varies from 340mm to 380mm when folded up for the Thyssenkrupp stairlift range of products.

Will others still be able to walk up the stairs?

Yes, the seat, arms and footrest on the stairlift all fold up, leaving your stairs free for other’s to use.

Do I plug the stair lift charger into a standard household outlet?

Yes, just make sure the outlet is not connected to a light switch.

Will it harm the chair lift if the batteries are over charged?

The battery charger will not allow the batteries to over charge.

Is it possible to find a stairlift solution  for any stairway configuration?

Our stairlift that can fit just about any type of stairway configuration. Most staircases are either straight, have a middle landing, or are curved/spiral. In some cases, a customer who has a middle landing can install 2 straight stair lifts; one lift on the first set of stairs and the other lift on the second set. Often times this is a far less expensive option than having a curved stair lift installed. Keep in mind that the person who uses the lift must be able to transfer from one lift to other at the middle landing in order to use this two lift option.

Do I need to do anything special to prepare the home for a stair lift?

Not really, unless you don’t have an electrical outlet to support the operation of the stair lift. In this case, you would need an electrician to install an outlet before the stair lift is installed. In some cases, the hand rail might need to be removed if it obstructs the operation of the stair lift.

Will a stair lift work for someone who also uses a wheelchair?

Yes, We have often installed stairlifts to serve wheelchair users however, it is recommended to an occupational therapists assessment is made as to the suitability.

What are the safety features?

Key safety features on most stair lifts include a seat belt, obstruction sensors that will stop the lift should something block its path, a swivel seat lock that holds the stairlift in place while you get on or off. Constant pressure controls ensure the stairlift will stop if you release your finger from the controls.

What is the expected life span of a stair lift?

Modern stair lifts are very durable and reliable pieces of equipment. All our stair lifts are built using the very highest quality components and workmanship. You can be confident that our stair lift will give many years of faithful service, provided the stairlift is maintained properly.

Does my stairlift need to be serviced on a regular basis and if so how often?

Yes, it is HIGHLY recommended that a chairlift be service at least once per year. Regular maintenance help prevent expensive emergency service calls. All stairway lifts are designed with a series of safety mechanisms. These mechanism need to be tested on a regular basis. As with any mechanical part, these safety mechanisms can wear over time and really need to be evaluated on a regular basis.

If I install a stairway lift, can other people still use the stairs?

Yes. Most stair lifts have foldable armrests, footrest and seat so that it does not obstruct your staircase.

Can I lock the stair-lift to avoid my grandchildren playing on it?

Yes. All our stair lifts have an on/off and toggle key that allows you to control who can use the stair lift. The stairlift is an expensive aid and should only be used by the intended person. In that way the client can maximize the life span of the lift.

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